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Parish Secretary

Sandra Alcaraz
Secretary – Holy Family Catholic Church
108 Taylor Ave
Portola, CA. 96122
P:530-832-5006 F:530-832-5520




Parish Staff Directory

A Christian Steward is one who receives God’s gifts gratefully and tends them in a responsible and accountable manner, shares them in justice and love with all, and returns them with increase to the Lord. Stewardship is an obligation, not an option. All individuals are accountable to God for the gifts he has entrusted to each of us. These gifts are our Time, Talent, and Treasure. All members of our parish are encouragd to live their lives as good stewards of the gifts God has entrusted to each of us.

Please contact us for updates to this directory, or if you are listed and would like to include your email.  Interested in stewardship and sharing your time and talent?  Fill out our Holy Family Parish Stewardship Form.  Thanks for your support.

Bulletin Editor: Contact the Parish Office

All submissions must be in by Tuesday.


Portola – Mary Springer, 775-313-7943

Alter Servers:

Portola – Andrew Smith, 836-1610

Loyalton – Tom Rowson, 993-4421


Spanish – Delia Bonta 832-4829


Email office your annoucements, due by Monday

Alter Society: 

Portola – Bertha Flores, 832-0857

Loyalton – Amy Filiippinni, 993-4182

Loyalton Treasurer – Betty Ramelli, 993-4692


C.F.F.  Classes:

Portola – Jackson Harris 836-1456

Loyalton – Amy Filiippinni, 993-4182


Portola – John Larrieu, 832-4833

Loyalton – Bonnie White, 993-4454

Community Suppers:

Portola – Jackie Joy, 832-4441

Loyalton Fall Dinner –

Loyalton – Amy Filiippinni, 993-4182

Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors:

Portola – Paul Bennion, 836-0217

Loyalton – Pam Filippini, 993-4706

Finance Council:

Don Kienlen, 836-0763

Food Bank:

Loyalton – Eliza Jaquez 993-4632

Portola – 832-4570

Gift Shop:

Carolyn Szczerby, 832-0271

Hall Rental:

Portola – Doris Olsen, 836-0202

Loyalton – Joyce Cameron, 993-4136

Hispanic Community Contact:

Portola – Delia Bonta, 832-4829

Loyalton – Eliza Jaquez, 993-4632

(Immaculate Heart Radio) Parish Ambassador:

Chris Potter, 993-1199

Knights of Columbus Liaison:

Don Fregulia, 836-2291

Maintenance / Custodian:

Portola – John Szczerby, 832-0271

Maintenance Committe:

Portola – Bob Ruff, 836-4829

Loyalton – Tom Rowson, 993-4421


Farther – 832-5006 ~ 6 months prior to wedding

Pastoral Council:

Paul Bennion, 836 – 0217

Prayer Chain:

Portola – Barbara Allara, 832-4203

Loyalton – Eliza Jaquez, 993-4632

Prayer Shawl Ministry:

Portola – Erica Harildstad, 832-1618

Pro-Life Liason:

Cathy Rowson 993-4421

Rite of Christian Initiaiton, R.C.I.A.

Mary Springer775-313-7943

Marcia Sandeen 832-1044

Loyalton “Edna Gottardi Rose Garden” :

Rudy Jaquez, 993-1336


Portola – Julie Anderson, 836-1060

Loyalton – Eliza Jaquez, 993-4632

Summer / Graeagle Mass: 

Bob Ruff, 836-2891


Portola – Bill Sheehan, 832-4739

Loyalton – Rudy Jaquez, 993-1336

Third Order of Carmelites:

Mary Springer 775-313-7943


Barbara Jaquez, 993-1336

Youth Group:

Portola – Bertha Flores, 832-0857

Loyalton – Jim Richards, 993-4891

Loyalton Teens – Mike Filippinni, 993-4706

12 Step Recovery Ministry:

Leslie Rodgers, 832-1667